We are constantly striving to partner with all non-profits to work as a united vessel.

We engage in each group we work with and provide excellent engaging education.

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Making traveling the world to make a difference fun, practical and important.

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Vessel for Humanity | Allie Fremin

Answering the Call of Compassion:Vessel for Humanity

Founded in 2013, Vessel for Humanity strives to bring hope to the less fortunate in Africa by raising awareness on world hunger and providing services that aim to uplift their lives. We began as an inspiration when Allie took a trip to Nigeria to visit her father who was then working in Lagos, the capital city. It was this experience, along with her deep sense of compassion and leadership, that she established our nonprofit organization to extend a helping hand to our African brothers and sisters.

Guided by her dream and strong determination to promote peace and improve human welfare in Africa, Allie Fremin gathered a team of humble and caring girls to initiate a unique way of providing humanitarian services in the continent.

Our Mission Statement

Originating from the beautiful continent of Africa, we are a group of girls who are dedicated to promoting human welfare to all people around the world who have no other way to survive and thrive.

Based on the foundation of a safe and healthy life for all people.

How We Serve

At Vessel for Humanity, our goal is to create a lasting difference in Africa that will lead the continent and its people toward positive change. Our approach is fourfold:

  • We host mission trips wherein participants are given the opportunity not only to experience Africa but also to make a difference
  • We build partnerships with different nonprofit organizations to form a united vessel of change
  • We provide education to the different groups we work with
  • Our mentoring program connects our team of girls to African children in need

Vessel for Humanity invites you to support our humanitarian efforts and create positive change in Africa. If you would like to learn more about our mission or simply get in touch with Allie Fremin, please feel free to contact us through our website.